DATES:September 23-24, 2020

Venue:Shanghai International Convention Center

Supported by:Shanghai Municipal Administration of Culture and Tourism

Organizer:Shanghai Int’l Convention & Exhibition Corp., Ltd.


Brief introduction of MICE Young Professional Training School

In the hope of providing professionals with more detailed intermediate training, MICE Young Professional Training School, or MYPS was established in July, 2016. MYPS is dedicated to educating a new generation of internationally oriented and professionally qualified young leaders. It provides specialized courses geared towards young managers and professionals in the MICE sector, and allows each student to benefit from the industry’s most advanced management experiences, meet the industry’s great minds and make progress in their career development.

Organizer: Shanghai Int’l Convention & Exhibition Corp., Ltd.

Co-organizer: CPVM

MICE young talents training school management committee: Shanghai Travel industry standardization technical committee

MICE young talents training school secretariat: Shanghai Int’l Convention & Exhibition Corp., Ltd. (standing body)

Lecturers are the highlights

The most appealing feature of the school must be the lecturers consisting of MICE KOLs from all over the world and they are exactly the crucial elements that make this training program outstanding in China MICE industry. With their rich experiences, professional qualification and international perspectives, these KOLs anticipate the trend and future of the industry. Each one of them designs the teaching material according to his/her own professional strengths and field experiences. In class, teaching models like "theory+ application framework+ case study+ exam" and "lecture combining case study" are adopted. Listening to their teaching and communicating face to face is no doubt a huge fortune for the students.

Who are eligible?

MICE young talents training program is an advanced course for the young executives and professionals of MICE industry. The intermediate training for young talents (enterprises, colleges and universities) is a continuing professional development (CPD).

Target students: young executives who have worked in MICE industry for 3-5 years and

1) have finished systematic school education

2) have 3-5 years’ work experiences in the related fields

3) have the needs to broaden their international perspective

Curriculum setting of intermediate training program


1. Leadership 2. Sales management
3. Operation management 4. Information management
5. HR management 6. Financial management

Course: The curriculum 2019 will be carried out in May and the term lasts 2 days. One course is taught in half a day. After the courses are completed, a graduation ceremony will be held for the trainees who have completed all the courses.

Credit: Students who finish the whole course (4 subjects) will receive a MICE manager graduation certificate. Those who only completed subjects interested in will receive an individual certificate.

Class size: Less than 40 students, language used in class are Chinese and English (including consecutive interpretation)

Fees: 6000RMB/course

2019 Training Agenda

Date: 5 - 6 May, 2019

Venue: Shanghai International Convention Center (2727 Riverside Avenue, Pudong New District, Shanghai)

Trial course review

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